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Image by Cory Woodward


Four words ... endless possibilities.

Whether you’re thinking about creating a change, or change has been thrust upon you:

  • Starting a new: relationship/family/business
  • Shifting: jobs/careers/location
  • Navigating: divorce/downsizing/death/aging
  • Celebrating: that milestone birthday/retirement/graduation

The transition is where the magic happens. We ask ourselves “Who am I? Who do I want to be? What are my passions and purpose?” The possibility is intoxicating.


It’s also where our inner voices can start piping up really loudly “you’re too old, not smart enough, everyone knows you’re a fraud, who the hell do you think you are?”


Our doubts and fears overshadow our excitement – perpetuating old patterns that keep us stuck.


It’s the ultimate emotional roller coaster – dizzying highs, stomach-dropping plunges, twists, turns and reverses. You just wanna get off and crawl into bed, pull up the blankets and hide.


Getting to know those parts of yourself and learning to compassionately understand them is the key to ­­­creating the life you so desperately want.



You’re torn between multiple options in life, feeling indecisive, wishy washy, up in the air, on the fence (aargh! too many decisions!!) and not sure how best to move forward. Together we’ll find the clarity you need to confidently dance towards your next right thing.



You’ve been living according to “their” rules, doing everything “right” – and it’s suffocating you. It’s hard to see another way, to learn to trust living what’s best for you. We’ll move you toward a joyful ease.



You’re struggling to move on. Your new beginning requires an ending – we’ll celebrate the cycle of change by honoring what you’re leaving behind, glean the wisdom gained & create a vision for what comes next.

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